COVID-19 Policy

Please complete the Covid Assessment Form here, within 48hrs of attending the studio.

Strawhouse Studios has carried out a thorough risk assessment to consider the transmission risks of COVID-19 in the studio. We have taken the following measures to ensure the safety of our staff and all clients attending the studio: 

• Deep and increased frequency of cleaning of studio areas and equipment.

• Strict hygiene protocols throughout, including a thorough clean-down before and after sessions.

• Regular cleaning of all surfaces, handles and equipment with antibacterial products or isopropyl alcohol where applicable.

• Alcohol gel must be used to thoroughly clean hands upon entering the studio.

• PPE to be worn at all times where applicable and practical within the studio. 

• We are advising everyone to avoid public transport and walk, cycle or drive where possible. Strawhouse has on-site parking.

• We are requesting that all non-essential personnel do not come to the studio.

• Guests must avoid ‘drop-ins’ and instead link in contributors to a session via remote monitoring options available, such as Zoom in order to comply with the capacity restrictions and maintain social distancing. 

• Guests are advised to factor in extra time while planning and attending a session. Some sessions may take longer because of the new protocols required, so we recommend considering additional days if appropriate, or preparedness toward complying with standard session overtime policy, as per booking agreement.

There is a limited amount of personnel on site at any given time: 

• Limited control-room capacity (maximum 3 people).

• Limited live-room capacity (maximum 5 people).

• Inside the studio all attendees must maintain an appropriate level of social distancing – 2 metres apart wherever possible.

• Please minimise the movement of people around the premises.

• All guests must wash hands regularly, particularly after touching shared surfaces or equipment. 

• Those attending sessions should bring their own PPE and instruments wherever possible. Those who require these items should communicate this at the time of booking and we can provide these at an extra cost.

• We are also requesting that clients prepare their own food and drinks, rather than the runner or assistant. 



• Anyone who displays a new and persistent cough or fever is to immediately self isolate for 14 days, and if living with someone with symptoms all householders should stay at home for 14 days from the day the first person got symptoms. 

All those using the studio must take responsibility for their own health, and act in accordance with our precautions and protocols. Please, at all times: 

• Implement social distancing in accordance with the Government guidelines.

• Maintain personal hygiene by keeping your hands and face as clean as possible, washing thoroughly and often with soap and water or hand sanitiser in accordance with the Government guidelines.

It must be stressed that no amount of measures can completely eliminate risk. The goal is to mitigate risk to an acceptable level by following the precautions and protocols that have been laid out. 

Strawhouse shall have the right to cancel without liability (other than a refund of all fees paid to date) by notice in writing to the client any booking where any law or any action taken by Government or public authority shall lead to the closure of the studio. 

Where any client or its staff or invited attendees fail to act in accordance with Strawhouse’s precautions and in line with our protocols as set out above, Strawhouse reserves the right to cancel without liability to the client the booking, and in such circumstances the client shall remain liable for the full cost of the studio booking that has been cancelled and all third-party expenses incurred by Strawhouse in respect of that booking.